Friday, March 27, 2009

Ireland's Malaysian Food

I am back to Sheffield already! Tired tired tired...........!

Well, actually I don't know where and how to blog about the trip yet, so the first post on the trip will be on F.o.O.d... =) We had Traditional Irish food, and also Malaysian food as well! Hahaha... So, being a Malaysian as I am, Malaysian food entry will take precedence. =)

We had this meal on the second evening/night in Ireland, and also our first decent meal in Dublin. FZ's friend was craving for Chicken Rice and bising-ed about it for a few times during the trip (altho it's just Day 2!)... hahaha,...

Anyway, I'll cut off the crap and let you drool with the pictures... Presentation of the food were normal, but the satisfaction..... all along there..!!. On all on our faces and stomach, except Phoenix maybe... Coz she had a bad tummy-ache later that night.

Here goes:

Lee Cheah ordered Penang Prawn Noodle... It would be perfect if there are kangkungs and hard boiled egg in it!

Vincent ordered Chicken Rice. Chilli was good, rice was a lil bit less aromatic, overall was ok..

Andrew's portion of Char Kueh Tiaw with fresh egg; or simply called Yuit Gong Hor. Among all the 'local' food, this was the best-est!

Wa Tan Hor; vegetarian style ordered by my lovely roomie Pang Shin Huey. =) This one is a bit sweet, not bad but also not so good as well... LOL

Lai Yun's Nasi Lemak. This one took a longer time to be prepared (but then can't fight with the one I ordered)... Minus point for it coz takda Ikan Bilis....

The possible cultrit for making my dearie housemate Phoenix's stomach upset. Mee Kari!! I lurve it though... Thick curry, very fragrant and extra point given coz ada Bendi! hahahah... It was quite spicy so we think her fragile stomach can't take it all at once.

And lastly, (sudah biasa-lo) my Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa European style; prepared by Malaysian. Too sour, but still acceptable coz it's not easy to make Assam Laksa without the 'Hae Gor'... ^^

I don't know why, but for the past few times I went out for makan-makan, what I ordered always seemed to arrive last! Eventhough some times I was the first to make the order. -_____________-

One last piccy of me before feasting on my Laksa while everybody else waits for me to finish them. hahaha...

K-la, TTFN!

p/s: Will update part 2 of my Ireland trip as soon as I get my hands on the group pictures... ^^

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