Sunday, March 29, 2009

F1 2009 Season Opening

This year's Formula One first GP was held at Albert Park circuit in Melbourne like previous years.... and surprisingly there are none top teams in the top 6 positions in qualifying on Saturday. I was quite disappointed when Honda decided to pull out of Formula One at the end of 2008, coz this would meant Jenson Button's future would probably be a blur as he hasn't secured any seat in any team at that point of time.

Then, until few days ago when I was reading some F1 news, Jenson's back in a new team called Brawn GP. I missed watching the 'live' qualifying session on Saturday and it gave me another surprise when the team had secured a 1-2 position during qualifying..... and it doesn't just stopped there.

This morning I woke up an hour plus later after the race has started and only managed to watch the last 4 laps of the Australian Grand Prix on BBC. I was so so so so blur but then immediately sit up straight to watch the remaining laps because Brawn GP's Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello was in first and second place respectively. So, congratulations to the both of them!

Rubens and Jenson celebrate a sensational win at Melbourne...

I don't know what happened to Kimi Raikkonen coz he was no where in sight (of my comp screen)... Think Ferrare had a bad strategy this time around. Really hope that Ferrari could turn into its 'more competitive' form the next round. This championship is still at the beginning and there would definitely be more and more interesting things awaiting in the future!! =))) Kimi, work hard!! Try to chase for the points that you have lost this time!

Two of my favourite drivers Kimi and Nick Heidfeld was at 16th and 10th this morning. Hope they'll do better in the coming races.... Felt kinda disappointed with myself for not waking up earlier to watch the sports 'live'. I will definitely catch the Malaysian GP punctually the coming weekend! Kimi won last year's Malaysian GP in Sepang and hopefully this year the position would be his too!! ^^

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