Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If there is any word best describe the weather now, it would be Cold COLD CoLd!!!!

Snowfall for the past two days left me feeling excited at first. But now, after a few slips on the icey and super slippery ground, I officially began to hate the snow already. Ok, I take it back, not the hate hate, like the local hates them, just don't like the after effect when the snow became harder and eventually turned to ice.

Despite the cold weather, most of my friends and also including myself are enjoying ourselves to the max while it was snowing... Finally I can capture some pics of the snow and it was forecast that the cold weather and heavy snow will continue for a few more days to come! Apart of me felt very happy, but then another part said it will be suffering as it will be very difficult to walk on the snowy ground... -___-

hahahaha... If I were to choose one side to prefer, I prefer it snows-lor... LOL. Wish to capture more pics and also build another snowman which are nicer than the one we made yesterday. ^^

OK, I know this one was lack of some nice accessories... will improve, will improve.

I have had an amazing experience playing with snow for the past two days... Details in two days time... hahahaha... Now still haven't finish viewing all the pics actually. Just imagine, managed to capture more than 3gb memory of pictures in 2 days only! You say faint or not? Well, will continue to resize those pics and will go to sleep in a while. Have caught a cold again. *sigh*

Til then, all of you take care of yourselves... whether you are in the UK or in anywhere else... TTFN! =)

one last pic of one of my favourite pictures.. ^^

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