Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Luncheon at Pho68

3rd of February, 4.58pm: marks the date and time where I can online at the comfort at my 'home'... FINALLY!!!!!

Okay, a short update first. I've been to Pho68 a dozen of times before but then never once did I capture their ever delicious food. This time around, I woke up in the morning after dreamt of having food there, so drag two of my kind housemates to accompany me to have lunch there.. ^^

I was craving for their Vegetarian Spring Rolls there. It was so delicious, I don't know how to describe how good it was... LOL

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Also, another must-try in Pho68.. Their salad~!!! Sweet, and sour plus a lil bit spicy... Soooooooooo appetising....

Vietnamese Chicken Salad

One more, another perspective. =)

We had mostly appetisers and 2 mains... here's another one... =)

Salt 'n' Pepper Aubergine... Macam goreng pisang, without the pisang aroma, and oilier... lol

Two mains:

Seafood noodle ordered by FF. I liked the soup based. BUT they accidentally put coriander and spring onion in it. So, minus 9 marks (out of 10) for it.

Grilled Pork with Vermicelli. Vietnamese style. Adeline recommended me this, and it was not disappointing. It taste like our satay.. very very nice.

I always gad a great time having my meal here. Not costly, yet satisfying, friendly staff and everything...

One last pic of...............

Lunch on the 1st day of the month on February. =)

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