Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm Lovin' It

Happy Valentines Day to all of you out there!

To me, today is just another day where couple splash their cash on unnecessary and overpriced food/ flowers etc etc for their partner. Too over commercialised edi lor I think. 14th February is just another ordinary day for me actually... LOL

Anyway, my point is not this. Ok, it all started with my stomach growling at about 10pm while I was still at work. I was craving for McD then. I longed for their Filet-O-Fish soooo much I told myself I have to have that at the very same night!!! ho ho ho. So, I msg-ed a few of my friends and hope one of them would accompany to have supper after work. Initially I only expect only one or two person to 38 with me, but in the end.... six other people came along for the late night supper at McD with me; sempena hari yang agak unik ini. Lol...

Here's the kindest people that followed me 38 while I craved for McD at some odd hours and odd day plus odd cold weather in the UK. ^^

Love Y'all!!!!

Happy Valentines Day to YOU once again.

Ciaoz.... =D

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