Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flaming Dragon Buffet

Went to have a session of Oriental buffet at Flaming Dragon two days ago to celebrate our beloved Xian's birthday. We have had a gathering the night before for the 'cake cutting' for 3 more birthday boy and girls at their house.

I think the last time I made a card for anyone was like 2 years back. So, I asked Xian what he wanted for his birthday then he replied me this:

Hence, my first handmade card in 2 years!

Happy Birthday to you Ah Xian di di.

I don't get it; 4 person's birthday why only 8 candles?? Should be x 7 or 8 times more mah

PH, Nadya, Xian & Big Bro Wai

We hang out for a bit, drink a bit, talk nonsense a bit and call it a night by 3am coz everyone was dead tired. lol... Now, Flaming Dragon buffet time! The environment was great, plus it was snowing outside when we were having our dinner, good service from our handsome Tony, but sadly to say, the food were just average.

Flaming Dragon @ Valley Centertainment

Not bad, eh?

The bar

Waiting area...

Tony was very prompt. He got us some very good lamb, was it grilled?

Work in progress, few seconds later a part of it was placed on my plate edi. hehehee

Although the food was just normal, I, too had so many rounds of them! Chattering with friends on this special day were great! =) Here's what I had.

Round 1: Prawns, Lemon Chicken, Stuffed mushrooms, mini spring rolls, Vermicelli.

Round 2: Another prawn, squid, stuffed mushrooms again, scrambled egg, brocolli, mussels, cherry tomato and poppadoms!

Round 3: Ordered this for sharing; Teppanyaki Pork with black pepper if I'm not mistaken.

Round 4: Crispy seaweed, sesame prawn on toast, mini spring roll and a chicken wing.

After those few rounds of food, we were practically stuffed up to our throat. SO, photo taking session-lah, apa lagi kan? ^^

Myself with PH & her new clothes plus dunno whose hand. -___-

Xian unwrapping his gift from us.

Group pic...

Me with the ice cream machine

Soft ice cream

Tony off work half way through our dinner and join us to have the buffet as well. We need to pay tapi dia tak perlu. So nice right? ^^

Although this place was not bad, it was not as what I have expected. One time will be enough for me already. I'll just stick to No.1 buffet which is half the price of what we paid for the night with the similar kinda food. ^^

One last pic of all of us before heading back home and to Sharon's place for her farewell.

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