Saturday, February 28, 2009

Andy Lau.. to be married

Omg omg omg... Andy Lau is getting married soon, which is a good news considering he is not so young anymore. Think he's 47 or 48-ish? Just read the news on The Star online. =) He's been in the entertainment industry since I was very very young (not that I'm old now), and I really liked him because of the influence my second sis had on all of us.... the same thing goes to my family. Where I unfluence them to like Lee Hom as well... muahahahaha

Here's the article.

HONG KONG heartthrob Andy Lau has promised that he will make a public announcement when he is ready to get married, China Press reported.

Lau admitted that it was not easy for a person to be his woman during a TV show in Hong Kong.

“I will make an announcement because getting married and having children are not something we can hide,” he said.

Recently, there was talk that Lau would marry his Malaysian girlfriend Carol Chu on April 6, which happens to be her 43rd birthday.

Earlier, the daily reported that Lau was spotted meeting Chu’s family recently to discuss wedding arrangements in Malaysia.

OMG again. LOL.


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