Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time NOT Enough

Can I have 30 hours in a day instead of 24? So that I could have 6 hours of sleep... that would be great for me!

I was awake for almost or more than 24 hours now. (Can't remember edi.... ) @.@ Have submitted my MGA assignment this afternoon and now I am rushing for my PPT for the Consultancy Project which I'm going to submit to my supervisor in a few hours time. Then, after showed him my PPT and if he's happy with it, we'll have to practice and rehearse on the presentation to our client on Wednesday.. Hopefully all these will go on smoothly for me! *fingers crossed*

After the presentation, will have a farewell with my group members coz one of them will be going back to his country for good. Then, will have to immediately start on doing my MCME assignment which is going to due on Friday.... arghhhhhhhhh...............

Have too much to blog about but then just don't have the time to. Just slacking for 10 minutes and will be back to work after this... sigh.... 神啊救救我 ar!!!!!!!!!!! More blabbing after I've completed all these... TTFN

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