Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Have you ever came across Tarot cards and played with it? My housemates and I were having a chat and then suddenly our conversation came to fortune telling stuff... Then one of them suggested we can have a game of it coz Fei Fong has bought a set of it from the car boot sale some time ago. Before we start, one of them warned us to not taking the outcome of the deck of cards so seriously... Lol...

If you don't already know what Tarot is, it is a specialised set of cards that has a very long history. Some has even claimed that they derive from the ancient Egyptian civilisation, but I think more likely they are from European origin and date from various mystical traditions.

As I don't really have a particular question in mind, I did not ask anything out of the deck of Tarot. What I did was shuffling the cards and then pick out one card from the deck. =)

This was what I got out of the cards...

The King of Cups.

I don't really know how to interpret the meaning of it. But the card represent "a sociable, loving and sensuous man who has intelligence combined with a strong intuition. Warm-hearted and loyal, he enjoys the comforts of life and has a love of the arts. His attitude is responsible and generous". I got the upright interpretations by the way. The book says that it is also alright to use only the upright interpretations if we think that the reversed ones are too hard to interpret at the beginning. =)

Fei Fong say sometimes what card that a person have picked does not necessary represent her/himself. There are infinity meaning to what has been drawn today or days after. Anyway, that was just a game out of our boredom at home. hahahaha... The 4 of us actually spent more than 2 hours talking about Tarot in our cold cold living room. Some cards are actually quite accurate when they opened them. We've tried the "three-card spread' and also the 'cross spread" coz these 2 are the easiest to learn for beginners. ehehehe...

Anyway, we had a great time having little conversations at home... very relaxed and a good way to past time. (Not that I have a lot of time to spare, but once in a while is alright... ) ^^

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