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Summary for year 2008

As usual, I will make a recap of what I have done for the last 365 days of mine at the beginning of a new year. =) Have done this for the third year now. First was in year 2006, 2007, and now.... year 2008!!!!!

Will just highlight some of the events that I can remember now. hahaha... This time around, will be a very very brief summary i guess... Well, here goes....

Day trip to the historical state of Melaka with my Hommies... Sort of like our farewell for me also. My first and also the last event I went in Malaysia. Have been invited to join Danell's Press Conference organised by Sony BMG for media at Planet Hollywood, KL. Then, been quite busy preparing all the stuff to bring over to UK. Left Klang for Sheffield to continue my MSc in International Business and Management on the 26th. Class started.....


My first 'contact' with snowwwwwwww!!!!!! I was sooo excited and straight away open my room window to capture some pics at that particular moment. Then it only occur to me that I can actually come out from the house and feeel it. Bought my SE 580i on the eve of CNY. Then CNY came and gone. Followed SH to work on the first day of CNY coz want to sibuk-sibuk with her at her working place. ^^ Day trip to York organised by IBM course leader, went with SH. Went to Derbyshire Peak District on a lovely Sunday morning for a walk and then stopped by at Castleton to have breakfast at The Three Roofs Café...also with SH. =)

Can't really remember what happened this month except for going for classes 3 days per week. Then went to Bakewell for a day trip on the 19th. Their so-called ever so famous pudding were quite overrated. It was too sweet for my liking actually... Wai Teng came over to Sheffield after back to Malaysia for few months. Was so so so glad she's here coz I have another kaki to hang out with, and also another caring friend that cooks for me yummilicious meals... ^^ Another snow shower in the mid of the month. Then, followed by seeing my favourite boyband; Westlife performed live since 2001! Bought the ticket quite late so I ended up sitting at the very back of the stadium, went with SH, PH, and YJ. Had a blast during the concert despite the bad seating.

Yo-yo weather at Sheffield. One day sunny, another day super duper cold, then the next thing you know, it's raining, and there's freezing rain somemore. -___- Lee Hom released a new single for Olympics in Beijing; One World, One Dream. Such a beautiful song.... This month I felt soooooo bahagia coz had lots of gathering at Teng's place. Had Vietnamese spring rolls, mango sago pudding, won ton noodle, etc etc.. ALL home made! LOL. Did manicure at my friend's working place F.O.C.... Then career fair at Sheffield University.

Went to the first continental market since summer 2006 in Sheffield. First time had Ben 'n' Jerrys ice cream. Attended Post Graduate Student Conference organized by the Faculty of O&M. Rushing for assignments, assignments, and more assignments! Watched Westlife 'Back Home' concert in Sheffield Arena again! Then summer holiday will be next!

First gathering with my Malaysian coursemates after our assignments have been completed.We had an awesome time dining at WasabiSabi. Became crew member for summer school at SHU. Knew a few new friends. =) Andy gor gor's birthday celebration. Had a wonderful steamboat session with my coursemates. The release of Danell's first Malay EP; Tiada Maaf. Lynne sent me a copy of it!!! Summer Beach party at the HUBS. Day trip to Manchester with the girls for shopping. Had Krispy Kreme for the first time. Day trip to Buxton and Chatsworth House with SH. Both of us were trip leaders for the day. ^^ Fancy dress party to celebrate Teng, Stewart, Dominic and Andrew.G's birthday. Oh ya, another one.... Went to Cheshire Oaks for shopping... Didn't plan to shop actually, but then also ended up bagging a few bargain back for myself. =D There's this Naked Bike Ride campaign thingy going on. Think the purpose is to highlight out a peaceful, imaginative and fun protest against oil dependency and car culture... Was getting darker and darker each day. *sigh*

Fun filled month for me!! Two days trip to Wales with SH, Stewart, Andrew, Hiro, and the whole lot of summer school students... hehehe... Went to Embrace for their Oriental Party. Celebrated May's birthday and getting so drunk after that.*faint* Played a very silly game at their house. Day trip to Nottingham with Yoke Ling and Siew Chen to visit Siew there. Spain trip with Pek Hiong, Vin Ping and Stewart. We went to Madrid and Barcelona for a week. Got my purse and Ipod stolen in Madrid. Witnessed my first ever Bull Fighting. Thought it was very cruel to have the bull killed in every match. Unforgettable trip for me and the rest I'm sure. =) Strawberries picking at Whirlow Hall Farm on a Sunday morning. Shioknesssssss.... hahaha.... Went to Peak District's Surprise View with Teng & Jon in the evening to watch the sunset. Really really beautiful place...Day trip to Alton Towers. Was the trip leader again, ajak-ed Teng along also. ^^ 4 days 3 nights trip to London and Ashford with Teng & Denggi. Farewell for Denggi coz he will be in Scotland after this. Went to Northern Ireland with my coursemates... There are 7 of us and we had great fun throughout the 3 days 2 nights trip!

BRJ night and my first ever live football match. Don't have a clue on what's happening most of the times... @.@ The Grand Opening Ceremony of the Olympic games on the 8th, then followed by having dinner for Teng's Farewell & Chloe's Birthday @ Wagamama, Haha Bar for a drink, Cellar 35 for more drinks and lastly stopped by at 17, Midland Street to have supper. Phew.... What a night! Shin Huey's birthday gathering at our place. Prepared mostly vegetarian dishes especially for her. Watched Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. It was remarkable! ^^

Started a part time job in a Chinese Takeaway shop. The release of Lee Hom's latest single 'What's Wrong With Me' and I keep on have the track repeated for a few days after that. Lol.... Had a small gathering for a steamboat session on Mid Autumn Festival. Summer holiday ended, the beginning of the second semester here. Celebrated Pei Pei, Kenny, Jackson and Kiwi's birthday at a newly opened karaoke. Went for a Limo ride with them, then followed by dinner at Wagamama, a drink at Platillos, then proceed to the karaoke session. Day trip to Liverpool alone; to meet up with Sue Wei. =D

Basically there are nothing much happened this month. This month was not smooth for me actually. Lose my job coz the boss had to close down the shop due to the lack of profit from his takeaway shop. *sigh* Had one of the crappiest day of the year. Deepavali came and gone; went to Aroma to have their Indian food buffet style. Had a great time at a barbecue session at Stewart/ Stanley/ Chloe's place. Farewell for Chloe coz she's leaving Sheffield soon. Sheffield Fright Night; had a Pre-halloween gathering with my coursemates at the City Centre.

Went for Sheffield Bonfire Night at Don Valley Stadium for Yorkshire's biggest firework display. Went to Norfolk Park to capture some falling leaves, while the rest had a friendly basketball match. Day trip to Chatsworth House (again) with PH, May, VP & his parents. Got myself a new phone ~ SE C902, I just lurve SonyEricsson's phones... hehehe... Attended few of my friends' convocation. Witnessed my first ever Meteor shower on the 17th! Christmas lightings were already up in the mid of the month; was very happy when I saw them... ^^ The release of Westlife's DVD on the 24th, and I've watched the concert twice on the same day! hahahaa....

Final week of studies, means don't need to attend classes anymore! BUT, we still need to hand in few more assignments... SO, the stress are still around... LOL. Went to Newcastle for 2 days... The place was cold like shit. Came back then feeling sick. Dong Zhi Festival, had a simple meal at home prepared by Jason... Rushing for assignments again.... Received my parcel from both my brothers containing a new HP laptop, 2 memory cards for my camera, and few more stuff on the 23rd... Christmas came and gone. Had a super packed, fun filled week with my coursemates.... The release of Lee Hom's new album; Heart Beat!!! Boxing day came and gone. My birthday came and gone as well. Was very happy the guys had a celebration for me on the eve of Christmas. Felt soooooooooo touched lor... ^^ New year's eve were spent at my place. Had a dinner/ supper then went over to Club Street to continue til 'early' morning. hahaha.....

Phewwwwwww........... Finally, d.o.n.e.! I thought this was gonna be brief. Mana tau, as I write, I felt like I've been through quite a lot this year. Met a lot of new friends, been through most of my daily lives with them, etc etc.

Currently, I'm still not feeling well as I caught a cold few days ago. But all in all, I still felt I am very blessed... A brand new year, won't be a brand new start to me. I still have some unfinished things to be done carried from previous year. BUT, I still wish this will be a good year despite the credit crunch that's affecting almost everyone in the world. Did not set any "new years' resolution" this time around. Will just face whatever that is coming.... =)


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