Friday, January 16, 2009

Pre CNY Reunion Dinner 2009

Note: Quite a number of mouth-watering food pictures ahead. =P

Had an early Chinese New Year gathering with the bunch coz some of them are going back home soon. Some going back just to celebrate CNY at home, but there are a few that are going back for good as well.. So sad, so many people leaving Sheffield one by one....

We had dinner at Wong Ting Restaurant, Matilda Street... This was my second time dining at the restaurant. The first time was with the bunch as well... =) Anyway, there are 24 of us... 2 tables, 12 dishes, and everyone went back with a very very very stuffed stomach!

Phoenix & Dragon in Gold...

From serviette, to plates, to bowls, to chopsticks also imprinted the name of the restaurant... =)

There were 24 of us, but then the table that I seated only occupied 11 person. The other table 13... Hahahaha... So, we could have some extra food each.. ^^

These are what we had for the night....

A bowl of soup for each person as starter...

Followed by a chicken dish; 白斩鸡... with orchid as deco

Roast Pork and Duck... with orchid as deco as well

Salt and Chilli Soft Shelled Crab.. orchid as deco again...

I don't have a clue what this was... some internal parts of something... LOL. Rating from 1 to 10, I would give it a 1. One mark is for the spiciness of this dish only. The way the prepare this dish was crap. Spoil my taste bud trying it... sigh

Lamb stew with lotsa spring onion on top.. still acceptable for me

I liked this vegie dish. It may looked not appetising from pictures, but I enjoyed them very much. 3 eggs (chicken egg, salted egg, and century egg) mixed together.... Yum!

The name for this dish was very nice; 煎釀三寶, but actually they're just the ordinary Yong Tau Foo we used to get at home. Lol

Steamed fish... with lotsa spring onions AND parsley on it! *faint* But overall the fish was not bad... =)

Another vegie dish that I liked! It was Kai Lan if I'm not mistaken... hehehe

Claypot Tofu/Beancurd... I don't understand why they like to put all those smelly leaves on top of most of the dishes... Tak cantik pun...

水煮肉... Delicious bowl of goodness, but then I was too stuffed already. So, had only a few pieces of meat and bean sprouts that comes together with it. ^^

OK. no more pictures of food. You feeling hungry by now? I hope you are.. coz I am now. -_____- KNS

After we've had our main course, as usual, it will be followed by some serious photo taking session... LOL... We spent more than an hour just snapping pictures among ourselves.. (The joy of taking pictures........ heheheh) I think there were 5 cameras around, from my camera alone have about 140 pictures.... will try and collect from the rest a.s.a.p... =)

Here are some of them..

Macam celebrities... ho ho ho

Self-shot. ^^

My dear PH

The girls... ChaiYun stopped by to say Hi and cabut..

Group pic, missing HW, Andrew and Jason

aarr... complete group pic... but the picture turned out blur. -____- So need to edit it a bit bit lor...

Last but not least.............

Us, wishing YOU a very very very Happy Chinese "Moo Moo" New Year 2009!

p/s: Today's my 2nd bro Monkey Kiat's birthday as well... Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!! =D

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