Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Noodle Soup

If someone offers you a bowl of hot noodle soup on a super duper cold day, will you feel touched? For me, I was very very happy at first.... then after a while, my expression (within my heart) became like this >>>> -_____- Wanna know why? hahahaha... Ok, here goes... I went to replace one of my friend to work at a takeaway shop tonight, then as I was feeling damn cold, the boss cook a bowl of soup for me lor. Wah, really a bowl of goodness on a cold day. He put seafood in them also lor... got mussels, got king prawns, got fish cake, etc etc... BUT then, I didn't know that he put some parsley in the soup. Normally, I would straightaway spit out whatever that contains celery / parsley / coriander in my food. BUT today, I finished the whole bowl of noodle soup WITH parsley in it. I makan all the parsley lor... I can't even believe myself!!! (Coz I don't want to be rude-mah). LOL. People susah-susah cook, I pulak complain banyak banyak. My goodness, promise there will be no more next time. Yucks, when I think about it makes me felt so gross edi. Hhmm, really no offense to all parsley or coriander lovers out there, everyone has different taste.... It's just coincidently the things that I hate hate hate hate happens to the one that you love love love. hahaha...

Gosh, I am being crappy again... Gotta start doing my work and going to sleep in another hour or so.... So, TTFN!!

p/s: It snowed today!!!!!!!!!!! BUT not at my place, at the place where I worked. I almost slipped and fell when I walked at a faster pace on the snowy ground. *sigh*

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