Sunday, January 11, 2009


Felt so boring coz had been sitting in front of the computer for half a day already. Been doing research and finding information for assignments which are going to due very very soon... I have no problem and don't mind sitting in front of the computer the whole day if it's not related to school work actually. Can go online and chat with my friends, while at the same time watching clips from Youtube (like what I always do), or even surfing the net, or reading blogs of random people whom I don't know. *sigh* There's just sooooo much do to.... BUT doing assignments, I'm kinda fed up to the idea already. Now, I need to submit 3 more assignment reports, a presentation and my thesis, and I will be officially off from Uni's homework. ho ho ho...

I don't even have the mood to listen to Lee Hom's songs day and night now. (omg, what happened to me?!!!) For the time being, I preferred to do my work in a very quiet environment, although sometimes I will blast the music til quite loud when I felt super bored facing my work. ^^ Anyway, felt much more relaxed after taking an hour break... So, TTFN

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