Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lee Hom's New Song Premier

心跳 will be on air on the 8th of December, 10am at Hit FM (TW)!!
There's a short preview of his new song on his official website now. =) Have check on the website few hours ago, but no updates... Now got new song preview... Very the 'syok' lor... lol...

I've set a reminder to stay tune to Hitfm online tomorrow at about 1.50am. So, can't fall asleep, definitely cannot fall asleep before that time! ho ho ho

There are other times where the song will be aired... Will just paste it here before I forgotten about it. hehehe...

HIT FM首播時間如下: (HIT FM premiere Schedule)

12/8[一]10am 1pm 4pm 8pm
12/9[二]12am 4am 8am 12pm 5pm 10pm
12/10[三]2am 6am 9am 2pm 6pm

It's already 5.20am now, and I'm still wide awake although mentally I felt very tired... Caught with a flu, and cough.. Pray hard would get better as soon as possible!!! Just after finish talking with my friend and mum a while ago, then lying down and wanna get ready for sleep edi, suddenly thought of visiting WLH's site, so switched on my computer and got a surprise! Yay!

Here's the lyrics to the new single of the album, which I thought is quite nice. I'm Lovin' It!! ^^


詞 : 王力宏 易家揚
曲 : 王力宏

想跟我吵架 我沒那麼無聊
不懂得道歉 我沒那麼聰明

你又在哭泣 我給不了安慰
我又在搖頭 有那麼點後悔

但身不由己出現在胸口 兩顆心能塞幾個問號


逆轉時光到一開始 能不能給一秒


I've print screen the newly designed website, and I though Lee Hom looked amazingly good!! hahahaha.... *drools*

Ni Ting Dao Le Ma? Hen Hao Ting, right? =)

Fuiyoh......... handsome!!!!!!

My favourite pic of the 3... =)

Ok-lah, need to get some rest now. Rela goes to bed now, and start having a sweet dream. Lol... So, t.t.f.n!


~ kC ~ said...

when does he not looking good? hahaha!

btw.. u realise the butterflies at both sides of the shades?

sunset2712 said...

hahaha... true also lar, he does looked good all the time. Lol... Yups! I think it's kinda nice lor... unique shades