Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Blabbing

Phew... have been busy with my 'social' life since the 22nd (after one of my assignment submission-ma). In a few days,we'll be entering a new year. Now is officially the 26th of December and in less than 24 hours, I'll be another year older. Time passed so freaking fast. Hope 2009 will be better for me. I've had a great time knowing new friends over in Sheffield, am in a holiday mood because of the festive season.... After a few more days, need to get back to the normal mode and concentrate on a few more assignments before I am officially OFF from all these craps. ^^

Hhmm, why am I mentioning all of these during such a good day? Tomorrow is Boxing Day, and I'm going for some serious (window) shopping! Woohoo!!!!!!!! Have just returned home from PH, then Sharon's place. I need some good night rest and will update about my Christmas gathering hopefully in two days time. Have been partying with the bunch for the past three days.... LOL. There are more than 800 pictures taken from my camera alone during these three days, you say can faint or not when choosing the pics? -____-

Anyway, will try to transfer all the pics hopefully by tomorrow after my (window) shopping session, and then will try to resize them, so that I could post them in my Photo Book. =) Til then, need to bungkus the night up and call it a day for me. So, TTFN....

p/s: Lee Hom's new album will be released today in Taiwan. Can't wait to get mine soon!!!!!!!!!

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