Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dinner at 老地方

There's a newly opened restaurant at London Road, Sheffield called 老地方 (Tin Tin). Myself, SH, Emily & Keong went there to have dinner yesterday and it was not a let down. ^^

We ordered a total of 5 dishes, and a portion of Stir Fried Kueh Tiaw and the bill came up quite reasonable. Not really costly, and still the taste were alright. My dinner was not a disappoint though (Emily would disagree with me coz she complains too much!). Can't believe she's even a more fussy pot than I am. Lol....

I did not bring my camera out for the night, so could only settle with the bad picture quality from my phone. Erm, the quality was not that bad though, just I didn't liked it that much compared to the ones taken from my Canon. =)

Anyway, these are what we ordered...

This was not as great as Emily said coz she told me it was a highly recommended dish. It was too oily for my liking though... Just a normal boiled chicken topped with some sesame seeds, spring onion and chilli OIL... -__-

Hahaha... this is really funny. I was the one ordered this piece of junk, coz I saw it has Tofu, and also century egg on the menu list. When the dish came, I almost choked laughing. My goodness, memang tak salah bagi nama 皮蛋豆腐.... Only 皮蛋 and some 豆腐... KNS

The third dish was not bad. In fact, it was very nice. Nothing beats this skewered lamb. Yum! ^^ I'll definitely order this the next time I pay a visit to this restaurant. =)

I liked the name of this dish. The combination of the variety of mushroom and chicken were just perfect. It taste like mum's cooking actually... So, I kinda lurve it too.... ho ho ho

I was craving for some fish for dinner. Initially I wanted to order 红烧鱼 but then Emily said she wanted to try some other fish dishes instead. So, I let her decide what to order in the end. This was what she ordered....

Haih... the fish was not bad. The only thing that ruined the whole thing was the ever soooooooo smelly p.a.r.s.l.e.y.... My goodness, the smell really ruined this whole fish and also the soup. Sadness.... I did try on the fish... but the soup, I just leave it for the rest to settle them. LOL

Shin Huey ordered a portion of Vegetarian Fried Kueh Tiaw which I did not taste coz it doesn't look appetising to me. But, here's a picture of what she had... hahaha

Char Kueh Tiaw....

The service was prompt, and the waitress that served us was very friendly as well. This restaurant is basically worth going to.... (although I don't know when will be the next time I pay a visit there) ^^

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