Wednesday, December 3, 2008


December is the last month of the year!!! Originally the tenth month, December now closes the year. =) Have found this poem quite interesting, so here it is:

WINTER is too cold for work; Freezin' weather makes me shirk.
SPRING comes on an' finds me wishin', I could end my days a-fishin'.
Then in SUMMER, when it's hot, I say I work kin go to pot.
AUTUMN days, co calm an' hazy, sort of make me kind of lazy.
That's the way the seasons rum. Seems I can't get nothing done!

This piece of work really sings out what I wanna say out loud some times... wakakaka.... When it comes to doing homework, sigh, I always felt so so so so lazy to get it done... =__=

Anyway, I've been quite busy since last Sunday. One of the Chinese takeaway shop in Rotherham where SH used to work called and asked whether is it possible to help him for 2 days... So, I agreed lor... So, been working for the past 2 days... =) I felt quite 'paiseh' coz I arrived there about half an hour late, and then went back half an hour earlier too. The driver that was suppose to send me home requested that we leave earlier coz the journey back to Sheffield takes slightly more than half an hour. My goodness, the journey back home was a torture for me! He had the heater on, full blast I think, plus he smokes in the car!! By the time I reached home, I practically felt lie vomitting edi. Head was spinning like mad and I don't feel quite well after that. *faint* So, had a shower, and supper, then head straight to the bed and dozed off to sleep immediately.....

Woke up kinda early on Monday morning to do some research for one of the assignment. Then head back to dreamland about 2 hours later... hehehe.... Went to work for the second day and I felt kinda happy today. Went to take photo from the photo booth before going to work coz we'll be heading to London the next day. Then, went over to WHSmith to buy a photo magazine coz I wanted to learn more about taking some better shots with my camera... =) Then, off I went to work....

When I reach there, the boss took out a plastic bag and handed me two boxes of Ferrero Rocher. Was very touched lor at that point of time. First early Christmas gift for myself and SH, then the night's business was not that good, I was reading the newspaper and magazine half the time actually. But the boss doesn't seem to mind coz he said business on weekdays normally was not good as well. Pity him, really. At about 10 something or so, I asked him to let me take home some fried rice. Then half an hour later, I was thinking to bring some more dishes back, so I ordered another Peking style lamb, and salt & pepper chicken. hehehe... Since his business was not good, I paid for the meal but then he insist that I don't need to pay. So, in the end, I just pay him 2 quid for them. Lol... The driver was not the same person as yesterdays and I felt so much better. hahaha.. Have a good chat on the way home talking about nothing at all actually. Oh ya, the driver actually drove a Mercedes Benz to work! For Chinese takeaway delivery!! He's a retiree already, so I think this job is just an extra income for him! Feeling kinda good back home coz have just earnt some extra cash for my day trip the following day! ^^

Woke up very very early and went to the train station yesterday morning to catch the train to London for an interview at the U.S embassy with 3 of my friends. It snow the night before; so land and rooftops were covered in snow and the scenery was amazing as we were in the train looking out of the window. shioknessss...... Lol... Reach London's Kings Cross station at about 11am and the first thing we did was to find a photo service shop available coz all of us had brought the incorrect size of photo for our visa application! I tell you, the situation was kinda messy lor. To make the matter worse, it was raining somemore... We have to walk under the rain seaching for some photo services shop available. but to no avail. It was until 12pm we finally gave up on the idea. If the embassy does not permit us to use the photo we brought, the least we could do was to reschedule for the interview for another time lor I guess...

Out scheduled appointment is at 1pm but we need to be there 30 minutes prior to that time. Fortunately, we reached there in time. Thank gooodness! =) Then before proceed to the embassy ground, the security guard told us to keep all our electronic belongings in a storage place. Sigh... So, walked over across the road and kept all of our electronic devices in a shop, and coincidently there's a photo service there! We were practically cursing ourselves for being so foolish coz we wasted one hour plus searching for one just now. Well then, we were all wet and messy but still need to have the photo taken! and the worst thing was..... it price were ridiculously hight! my goodness, can you belive it, 2 small ugly photopgraphs for 5 quid!!!!! KNS betul lor... Really cut throat, but then what to do, we still need to pay for it. KNS again!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, we waited in the embassy waiting area for about 4 hours before we got called for an interview. Imagine, 4 hours without our mobile phones, or MP3 players, or any other forms of entertainment to pass time! Madness.... So, all we could do is to chat chat, rest rest, sleep sleep, or crap crap even more! The first person was being called for the interview among us was FZ, then followed by Adeline, Jason and myself. All of us got the same interview, so by the time I was my turn, I think the interviewer was very lenient edi. He asked me 4 brief question, 1 answer him 4 words... then that's it. He said "approved, have a nice day"... Lol, can't believe its so darn easy. So, I thanked him and reply him to have a good day as well... hahahaha

We walked over to Oxford street, and went into Selfridges to have a look. All the luxury brands are there under one roof. I just have a look at simple purse and I almost fainted. The stuff there were so so so freaking expensive. No doubt, the place's meant for people with loads of cash, and this was what I LACKED of. hahaha.... I don't think I'll ever spend 500 pounds for a bag of any kind lor. Ok, maybe when I'm super rich, I'll consider about it. Lol.... At the time being, better stay far far away from all those super overpriced branded goods. -__-

We still have about 2 hours to spare and then we head on to Chinatown next. Finally, I've tasted on the every so famous Four Seasons roast duck! hahaha.... We tapao-ed the roast duck to a Malaysian Restaurant coz we're going have our dinner there. =) It's been quite some time since I last had Malaysian food. We ordered Penang Laksa, Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak and Wa Tan Hor to be shared among ourselves. To tell the truth, the satisfaction's not there. Maybe it's bcoz the place was sooo packed, and thus makes the quality of the food to deteriorate. hhmmm.... Finished our dinner, rush rush rush back to Kings Cross.... Board the train, and head home to Sheffield. Wah, all of us were sooo tired by the end of the night! Reached home at almost 12 then have another chat with my housemates... Had supper, mandi, then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... ^^

So, that's it... My one day in London, spent in the embassy waiting, waiting and more waiting... hahaha...

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