Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Day after Boxing Day...

The day after Boxing Day...

...I did not sleep at night. Stayed awake until almost 3pm and dozed off to dreamland for about an hour and wake up again.

...I always felt it's a waste of time sleeping on this day. So, I prefer to stay awake most of the time. LOL's the beginning of January sales and I went shopping with my roommate early in the morning, and came back by lunch time coz the mall was super duper crowded.

...I felt blessed. Blessed with the friends surrounding me, blessed that I have my family always supporting me in whatever I wanted to do in life.

...It kinda felt like any other day actually. Just extra special that there are many little things that made my day. Birthday wishes from my parents, two brothers, and my dear friends.... Be it from wishing me from the phone, to text messages, to chatting in MSN, to the wall writings of Facebook, I really appreciate them all. =)

...I kept listening to my favourite singer's tracks playing on my laptop, (and hope my roommate won't go mad, coz I'll be playing the same album over and over and over again until I eventually memorised all of the lyrics from the album)

...last but not least, the day after boxing day is when I turned another year older. One of my friend said "Be happy for being 1 year older if not wiser." =P I'll try my very best to keep up with the latter.

Til then, TTFN.

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