Monday, December 22, 2008


According to the calendar, today has the shortest day time; and it's the Dong Zhi Festival. Normally, when we're at home, today will be the day for family to have a reunion and get together. People will make Tang Yuan a.k.a glutinous rice balls, which kinda represents 'reunion' and today will also be the day the Chinese believes everyone is be older by another year. It's also one of the most important festivals for the Cantonese people... (Correct me if I'm wrong.. hahahaah)

Since all of us are a few thousand miles apart from our home, we've decided to have a simple meal at our temporary home in the UK. =) Jason made us dinner and it was rather satisfying considering the meal today represents reunion.

We had a simple (but not so simple as well), yet a very happy meal.

Steamed/ Boiled Chicken... Perfecto

Prawn Tempura

Boiled Eggs, & Cucumber....

and a big bowl of soup....

In addition, my dear roommate, SH also prepared Tang Yuan for us before she went off to work. She has to work on Sunday evenings, but then before she went out, she reminded me to remember to makan the tangyuans. Gan dong daooooooooo.....

Plain and stuffed (the bigger ones) glutinous rice balls, with longan soup. =) mmm, sedapnya.

Once after the meal, I've got to face my laptop completing my RIB assignment. How sad. =(

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