Saturday, November 15, 2008


Have slept for more than 13 hours yesterday night. Went for a replacement class for MCME and I've gotten the feedback for the first individual assignment which I have done so badly. Actually I've expected my marks to be around that range, but when I got it, I still felt kinda sad... After the class, my friends and I went for dinner and we only reached home about 9 or so... Chat with few people on MSN until I don't feel like chatting anymore. Then checked my email and saw one link that Kyrina posted and felt a lil bit happy after that. lol... Took a quick shower, and went to bed at 11 .... and eventually woke up at half past 12 just now.

Reheat the spaghetti from my previous 2 night's leftover and had it for lunch. It was alright, just hope I don't get stomach upset after this. Lol... Have been spending my time on Youtube again. It's addictive!!!!!!! Then, received an sms from Kyrina and asked me to go online in msn. Well, did what she told me and we chatted for quite some time... In fact, am still chatting with her now. Lol... She bumped into WU CHUN in Pavillion a while ago!!! Felt so happy for her!! Got so excited and asked her to tell me all the details.. Such coincidence I shall say. Fahrenheit is suppose to have a concert tomorrow but was delayed due to one of the members got injured or something like that. Then the other 3 guys will only arrive tomorrow but Wu Chun came a day earlier for whatever reason that he has got. hahaha... Aih, really missed the times going for gathering, events and showcases with this 38 Homgang of mine...

Workloads from Uni are starting to pile up now. This semester has been quite tough for me, tonnes to do but sometimes I felt very demotivated to have all the work done quickly. I have yet to start working on my MITI assignment to date. Guess I'll have to burn some more mid night oil to complete the task which is going to be submitted on Monday again. So far, what I did was searching for the information that's useful for the piece of work and haven't started writing on it yet. Procrastinate again............. Hhmm, better to have the task completed by Saturday night so that I can relax on Sunday. ^^ *fingers crossed*


bloodbubble said...

how come i never bump into anyone famous when i go to malls? :P

sunset2712 said...

hahaha me too! she was waiting for Juin from gym that time. lol