Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Norfolk Park (Part II)

The last time I paid a visit to Norfolk Park was in Spring, where the flowers are blooming and leaves are all very green. heheheh... This time around, the leaves have fallen and no more flowers are spotted in sight.

The purpose I called them out was to capture some nice pictures initially (for me-la). And Xian wanted to play basketball, so does the rest I think... But I'm not a sporty kinda person... So I just told them I'll give it a pass on the basketball game. Lol.... I ajak-ed the bunch for a walk to Norfolk Park the night before. BUT there are 3 more Princes and Princess that didn't join us in the end lo...

Anyway, the day started off pretty bad coz as soon as I stepped out from my house to Rumah 148, it drizzled. Then as we walked towards Rumah 148, the drizzling soon became rain... quite heavy rain I can say. So, all we could least do was to wait patiently for the rain to stop. And thank God it did.... but just for a while only lor... =_= Here are some pics that I've captured.. More here.

On the way walking to Norfolk Park

Norfolk Park Road....

First group pic; exclude May the photographer... ^^

I remembered taking a pic exactly the same spot here... hehehe...

No unauthorised ball games

Ok... this is my favourite pic of the day. Just like this pic a lot...hehehe...

As I was enjoying capturing some shots using my camera, the rest started off their basketball game.

Then not long after that, Lee Chean & Nadya join me to capture some more pics and we went to the playground... Us, acting like small kids there. But luckily there are no other kids around so we could use the swing as long as we prefer... hahaha

After playing in the playground for about an hour or so, the three of us headed back to the basketball court and join 4 more on the ground... ^^

Play for a lil while and someone suggested we go for Dim Sum session... and off we went back to our homes... ger ready and will meet there...

One last pic... hahaha... tak sangka boleh jaring... lol

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