Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PASTI - Daniel's 1st Malay EP

Pasti Daniel EP cover

Who can get me a copy of this???????? I want it! Jior so geram la seeing so many Pinkies blog about this. Comment on the songs and such... I also want! Am waiting patiently to listen to the songs and also get my hands on the CD. The EP consists of 5 Malay tracks (Tiada Maaf, Adakah Aku Yang Bermimpi, Diaku Ku Ingati, Angin Malam & Mimpi).
Although I have not listened to the songs yet, but I'm sure it will be goooooooooooood... Lol. So, guys and girls... go and get a copy of it from music stores now! It's already been released in Malaysia starting 17th of June! Support support our Malaysian Idol mah... (KC, I know what you're gonna say on this edi.. Lol)

Daniel will be leaving to Taiwan and away from Malaysia for quite a while soon. So, just want to take this opportunity to wish him best of luck in everything he does! hehehe.. (I hope he read this, but I doubt it) ^^

Anyway, I want a copy of this! Whoever wanna give me an early birthday present, message me and ask for my current address k? Lol. Terima kasih in advancedddddddddd! Cheers! ^^


Lynne said...

Adoi! Ah Hoon ... I will get you the EP lo but cannot send to your UK address unless you tell me how because sending cds are not allowed from Malaysia. Any ideas wise one ... do speak! :P

sunset2712 said...

Aiyo... sad case ler... But we do send send CDs from home wan wor last time. Haha. Maybe I was too ignorant about the rule... ^^